Jackie Chan's memoir 'Never Grow Up' to be out soon

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While fans are growing, much adored Chinese star Jackie Chan was busy with Never Grow Up.

Jackie Chan’s memoir Never Grow Up will be published by Gallery Books.

The memoir’s is a reflection on the actor's early life, including his childhood and years at the China Drama Academy, his big breaks (and setbacks) in Hong Kong and in the West, his numerous brushes with death both on-and-off film sets, and his life as a husband and father.

"I hope those who read my stories can come to learn that Jackie Chan is, after all, an ordinary man who had the courage and determination to do extraordinary things," Chan said in a press release from the publishing house.

Chan, whose filmography ranges from Police Story series, the Rush Hour series, Shanghai Noon and the Karate Kid, also discusses about his youth that he spent accumulating possessions and how he has turned his attention toward charity in more recent years, becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

According to the publisher, the memoir is scheduled for publication in November.

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