Maharashtra budget 2018-19: India to get its first battery-operated submarine in Sindhudurg

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Coral reefs which are called the ''rainforests of the sea’’ are considered as one of the most diverse underwater ecosystems. It is literally a treat to see different species of marine invertebrate animals that live in coral reefs.

Picture yourself watching fishes and other aquatic species in front of your eyes. Isn’t the mere thought so fulfilling?

All the marine lovers out there, we have some good news. In the upcoming few years, you won’t have to depend on scuba diving for taking a view of the colourful coral reefs in the Arabian sea.

Maharashtra government with an emphasis on boosting the tourism in the Konkan belt has allocated Rs 49 crore to buy a battery-operated submarine. Now one will be able to enjoy the glorious marine life while sitting the closed cabins of the submarine.

Minister of state for finance Deepak Kesarkar said that a detailed project report for the same will be prepared by December 2018. Tourists in Sindhudurg will be able to enjoy the view of biodiversity of marine life in the submarine.

The Devendra Fadnavis led government had announced several new initiatives in its 2018-19 budget with an aim to boost tourism.

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