The Quiet Space: Be sure to smell the flowers

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You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. —Walter HagenYou are here now, traveling the long and winding road to discovery or recovery. You don't want to hurry, yet you have to as time is ticking away. You are on a short visit here and of course, time waits for none. But why hurry?Time and again, you are told - neither should you while away time nor skip the good things in life.When the time is short and your load heavy, do you have a choice?Yes, a gentle reminder - make the best of your journey. Remember the old writings on the milestones by the road... “Speed thrills but kills”. “Drive slow and enjoy the scenery”. Overlooking it all, how many times we sped past those signs? Whoever coined the phrases, God bless the souls.Stop for a while. The neon lights are flashing. But, in this techno-driven fast-paced world, one is blinded by the automatic life in a pale world and unable to see the green earth. There are lingering problems and questions. But you are speeding fast. In the rush, you are crushed.Man, as frail as a dry twig, are often blinded by what one cannot see. And the fear of the unseen or unknown drills worries into the mind. Weak and helpless, the vision is deemed. Worry eats into the mind and rots the whole being.One forgets - what you see is what you get. What you feel is what you see. And the blind man sees because he can feel. Now, where does that leave the rest of us... A journey with no destiny? A pale world?Yes, you got it right! There’s a bend, and at the end of the tunnel, you will see the neon light. Do not hurry or worry. Now is here. Take a good look at yourself. Take a moment to turn the wheel around and stop to smell the flowers...

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