All about New York Times bet on Baba Ramdev for India’s PM post

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New Delhi:

In what is being called back home an election year, The New York Times has floated the idea of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev “running for the post of Prime Minister of India”.

For now, it looks highly unlikely. And it may be so in the near future. It has four-five days since such a guess was made by one of the leading US newspapers. Yet, Ramdev has been conspicuously silent about it.

And, so no one knows how the Yoga Guru has taken it and the possibility of his turning out to be a virtual Donald Trump of India which was also suggested by the newspaper.

Thus, the question that arises is: Does Ramdev has political ambitions?

For the answer to this million-dollar riddle, Robert F Worth, the NYT writer of Ramdev story that was published in its magazine section on Friday (July 27), asked Ramdev the penultimate question.

Worth writes: “Ramdev founded a short-lived political party (Bharat Swabhiman Party) in 2010 and has since been rumoured to be weighing a political career himself. When I brought up the question, he smilingly batted it away, saying that he’d become a ‘nonpolitical person’ and that the triumph of the BJP had obviated any need for him to run for office. ‘(Narendra) Modi is an honest prime minister’, he told me. ‘He is a visionary and a missionary. He will win the next term (in the 2019 elections). He will build a strong foundation for India’.”

Whatever may be the case, Ramdev has often created ripples in political quarters and this has been more so vis-à-vis the Hindutva bandwagon despite his being a staunch votary of the BJP and RSS-style of spiritual and cultural nationalism.

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