You can name NASA rockets if you pay enough

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NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has set up an advisory council committee that will explore plans, which include product endorsements from astronauts and even selling the naming rights of rockets and other spacecraft, according to reports. ALSO READ | NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover sends a selfie home from Mars  “The committee would also consider scrapping ‘obsolete’ regulations to let US astronauts support private activities aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Companies should not have to turn to Russian cosmonauts for private operations” said Mike Gold, head of the Committee.  Gold said the possibilities could include having NASA receive reimbursement when commercial space companies sell spots on spacecraft heading for the ISS, and leveraging those funds for access or services on future private-sector space stations.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump had complained about NASA expenses even as his administration made the sharpest cuts in government funding of NASA in years. ALSO READ | Mysterious Planet Nine exists at the edge of our solar system: NASA India’s ISRO is also taking concrete innitiatives towards creating opportunities for private players in space exploration. As per media reports, it will also be handing over development and manufacturing of small rockets, PSLV rockets and satellites to private players by 2020. 


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