5 smart kitchen hacks to make your life easier

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 25 February 2016, 06:02 PM

Not every time it’s the cooking that needs skills and recipe knowledge. Sometimes, knowing kitchen hacks can make life easier.

Culinary skills require knowing recipes and spice names but these kitchen hacks are just easy to do that will sort your life in the best way possible.

Not only it is good to know these cool kitchen hacks but its fun to watch too:

How to cut a Mango perfectly

Take a mango, cut it into two-three parts

Now take a glass

Force the upper lid of glass into mango to extract its yellow part, its easy and fun. There you have perfectly shaped mangoes now ready to be served.

How to make perfect omelette

Take a heat resistant circle, put the egg into it, it will take the desired shape.

your beautifully shaped egg is ready to be served

How to cut ice cream pint

Take a big knife, wash it off to make it wet enough.

Cut the ince cream pint into two halves. Its ready!

How to cut berries into two equal halves

Keep the berries on a plate, take another plate to make it still

The other plate will help to keep it still while you may slice through the berries in the best way possible

Your berries are ready after dissection.
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