In Pics: Meet the real-life Krish who loves to climb rocks fearlessly

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 01 March 2016, 03:15 PM

He has been doing what he loves doing the most for the past two decades. He is considered one of the best rock climbers in the world. Seeing him climbing mountains you might get a strong adrenaline rush, for they are so powerful and full of vigor.

Indian-American Chris Sharma has conquered the hardest routes of the world. Sharma had a penchant of rock climbing since an early age, he made headlines at the age of 15 when he completed the first ascent of Necessary Evil rated 5.14c, the hardest route in North America then. Though he set his foot in the world of climbing at the tender age of 12.

American grading system rates routes based on danger level starting from beginner’s level 5.0 (beginner’s level) to 5.15c.

In 2001 completed the first ascent of 'Realization' and set the first climb rated 5.15a. Since then he has completed many routes. In 2008, he set new standards by ascending Jumbo Love in California, setting the record for the hardest route in the world, rated at 5.15b.

For Chris what attracts him is the routes that are ‘beautiful to look at and climb’ and difficult to crack. Chris was born in the surfing town of Santa Cruz, California. “Physically, I have talent in climbing. But so much of it is also mental, like the motivation and passion you bring to it. One of the reasons why I became so good at it is because I love it so much. I do it all the time.” 

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