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Cobra shaped skyscraper designed by Russian artist likely to have a nightclub, restaurant in its head

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 08 March 2016, 01:06 PM

A Russian architect has designed a skyscraper shaped like a cobra and this skyscraper is intended to have 'nightclub or restaurant' in its head.

The skyscraper has also been aptly named ‘Asian Cobra Tower’ designed by Monaco-based architect Vasily Klyukin, from Moscow.

The designer has also previously created yachts with detachable jets. He also claims that his work is ‘predicting the future.’

Klyukin also believes that his design would most likely entice developers in cities in Middle East and Asia as here snakes are seen as sign of wisdom.

The black and golden serpent also has changeable lights that run right up the structure and a diamond pattern can also be seen on the back to reflect Ying and Yang.

The cobra design skyscraper is also designed to change color as day goes into night. Mr Klyukin said: 'These buildings rise up proudly in columns looking over cities or stand alone in the landscape.

“Either way, skyscrapers grab our attention and awaken our consciousness, inspiring some and irritating others. These rising towers have changed cityscapes around the world and have become the clearest reflection of cultural and economic progress in the twentieth century. At times, it is skyscrapers that dictate the style of business regions and even whole cities,” he said.

Snakelike: The skyscraper is likely to have a nightclub, restaurant or bar.

The cobra-shaped tower features a round 'serpent' base, with apartments and offices housed in its body

The Russian architect Klyukin envisages his design as part of the skyline in a prominent Middle Eastern or Asian city