Researchers develop a five-fingered robotic hand with unprecedented abilities

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 15 May 2016, 08:30 PM
Robotic hand (Representational Image)
Robotic hand (Representational Image)

A team of researchers at the University of Washington are developing a five-fingered robotic hand with dexterous abilities. This rob hand can learn from its own mistakes without any human involvement.

“Hand manipulation is one of the hardest problems that roboticists have to solve. A lot of robots today have pretty capable arms, but the hand is as simple as a suction cup or maybe a claw or a gripper,” says Vikash Kumar, a UW doctoral student in computer science and engineering.

Researchers have developed a simulation model which can allow a computer to analyze movements in real time. These robots are made to have their own special calculation on what action to be taken on a particular point of time.

Vikash Kumar, a doctoral student in computer science has worked extensively for building a highly capable five-finger hand that can outperform eve human hands when it comes to work speed. Kumar and his team will present their work at the IEEE International conference on robotics and automation on Tuesday, May 17.

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