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Publicity stunts won't benefit nation, PM Narendra Modi ticks off Subramanian Swamy

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 27 June 2016, 04:11 PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi gives his first interview since he took over as the Prime Minister of India. In this exclusive interview for the first time he has broken his silence on various relevant issues including NSG, Rexit, Indo-Pak relations and many more.

He says RBI Chief Raghuram Rajan's patriotism is 'no less than any of ours'. He adds in his interview to Times Now, “Wherever Rajan is and whatever post he holds he will continue to serve the country. Those who create controversies are being unjust to Rajan.”

Calling Rajan "no less patriotic", he virtually ticked off Subramanian Swamy saying "If anybody considers himself above the system then it is wrong. Whether it is in my party or not, still I think such things are inappropriate. This fondness for publicity is never going to do any good to the nation. People should conduct themselves with utmost responsibility. If anybody considers himself above the system, it is wrong."

The PM will speak to Times Now in an hour-long interview at 6 pm today. Without taking the name of Swamy, Modi was asked about the comments of "your Rajya Sabha MP" in the context of Raghuram Rajan and queried whether it was appropriate.

On May 17, Swamy had written to the Prime Minister seeking the immediate sacking of the former IMF Chief Economist while alleging he was "mentally not fully Indian" and has "wilfully" wrecked the economy.

Rajan was appointed RBI Governor by the previous UPA government in September 2013 for a three-year term, which can be extended. "These actions of Dr Rajan lead me to believe that he is acting more as a disrupter of the Indian economy than the person who wants the Indian economy to improve,”  wrote Swamy in his letter. 

The PM speaks on various pertinent matters such as 26/11 attack, Pathankot terror attack case, relation between India and China and many more in his interview. 

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