Happy Bhag Jayegi Movie Review: Abhay Deol, Diana Penty rock the show

New Delhi, Ankit Pal | Updated : 21 August 2016, 12:45 PM
Happy Bhag Jayegi poster
Happy Bhag Jayegi poster
Star Cast
Abhay Deol, Diana Penty, Jimmy Shergill
Mudassar Aziz

Happy Bhag Jayegi is a good fictional attempt at highlighting the brighter side of India-Pakistan relations under waggish circumstances. Contradicting to its genre (Comedy), the film falls flat on audiences.

It revolves around the life of a happy-go-lucky girl who is a runaway bride and accidently crosses border to Lahore with no passport and visa from India. Bilal Ahmed (Abhay Deol), son of Pakistan ex-governor, comes to her rescue and gets pinned into an unwanted mission of reuniting Happy with her lover.

The script sounds interesting and promises a laughter riot, but on-screen it is a different story altogether. The film struggles and comes with very few instances that actually tickle the funny bone.

It is a light-hearted comedy drama and interestingly actors don't overdo from their act to keep it a situational comedy film.

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Diana Penty makes a good comeback to be a cohesive force behind Happy Bhag Jayegi, Abhay Deol sticks with his 'tried and tested' sweet boy formulae. Ali Fazal’s Guddu and Piyush Mishra’s Usman Afridi add more to the drama.

There are many sequences which seem to be either inspired or copied from other movies, that's exactly where Happy Bhag Jayegi runs out of its uniqueness.

It's worth waiting for the climax as that doesn't end on typical Bollywood note and comes out fresh.

The film has been made by the ones who have given masterpiece like Tanu weds Manu returns; it had to have some essence. Jimmy Shergill continues from where he had left in Tanu weds Manu returns, and the concept also waves around marriage.

A great effort has been pushed in to make it realize that the film has actually been shot in Pakistan. Minute detailing over the sets is worth watching.

Final verdict: Director Mudassar Aziz’s film is a good watch. It's not as funny or exceptional as Tanu weds Manu and its second edition was. But, it is definitely one-time watch.

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