Watch: Salman Khan and family bid adieu to Lord Ganesha

Mumbai, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 07 September 2016, 11:47 AM

As per the tradition, after keeping the Lord Ganesh in the household for 1, 5 or 11 days, it is immersed in the water. Thousands of devotees across the nation part with hopes in their eyes, requesting him to visit their homes again the next year.

But the Salman Khan’s family did not immerse their Ganesha in the sea as other devotes. Their Ganpati was immersed in the most unique and special way as their idol of Ganesha was immersed in a temporary pond in their garden.

A temporary pond was made in their garden and the idol is immersed there. The water is later used to water the garden. Since, their Ganpati idol is organic, since no chemicals are used in its making it was dissolved in the water.

His younger brother Sohail Khan and sister Arpita were present during the hour ago eco-friendly Ganpati Visarjan. 

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