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FIR against Salman Khan, Bigg Boss for 'insulting Muslim sentiment'

By : News Nation Bureau

Updated On: Friday, December 20, 1:11 pm

FIR against Salman Khan, Bigg Boss for 'insulting Muslim sentiment'

An FIR has been registered against Bigg Boss 7 host Salman Khan and the management of Colors television for allegedly insulting Muslim sentiment.

The reality show is famous for getting indulged in controversies, which are also responsible for its high viewership. Recently, Bigg Boss 7 participant Armaan Kohli was arrested for allegedly assaulting British singer-actress Sofia Hayat inside the house. Later, he was allowed to continue the show after completing legal formalities.

The show is hosted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan for the past three seasons and is based on the concept where celebrities are kept at together for weeks under the surveillance of about 80 cameras.

The seventh edition is being aired on the show since September 15.

Added On: Friday, December 20, 2013 13:10 [IST]

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