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Salman Khan attends Sidharth Malhotra's success bash

By : ANI

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Salman Khan attends Sidharth Malhotra's success bash
New Delhi :-

Salman Khan was recently spotted at Sidharth Malhotra's success bash for his latest film ' Ek Villain ' in Mumbai.

Speaking on the occasion, the 'Dabangg' star said, "When I saw the trailer of the film I really liked it. I am glad that the film is doing well and he didn't get much credit in his first film but now he is getting the full credit of this film."

Malhotra thanked Salman for coming to the success party and said, "It wasn't necessary for him to come but still he came and showed his love. He has a heart of gold. Thank you so much".

Others spotted at the party were Jacqueline Fernandez, Shraddha Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh, Mohit Suri and Ekta Kapoor.

First Published: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 15:39 [IST]

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