Priyanka Chopra’s Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' chat with fans turns ugly!

04 July 2014, 06:57 PM

Priyanka Chopra’s debut on Reddit AMA took an embarrassing turn when fans started asking the Bollywood actress uncomfortable questions about her accent and whether she uses auto-tuning in her songs.

In the Reddit section of AMA (Ask Me Anything) fans can ask celebrities about their life and career. Although Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman have featured on it, Priyanka is the only second Bollywood celebrity on AMA after Anurag Kashyap.

Priyanka, 31, did answer questions about her upcoming Mary Kom biopic, being a foodie, hating gym while doling out tips on life but she kept mum when it came to personal questions ranging from plastic surgery, a Mumbai road named after her late father Ashok Chopra.

“It’s your chance ‘Ask Me Anything’..on AMA reddit! Are you ready? Let’s do this,” an excited Priyanka had posted prior to her chat.

In a lengthy question, a Reddit member took a jibe at her and asked whether her American accent was a put on or she had the ability to switch accents at will.

The actress bravely took on the question saying, “I don’t fake anything, what you see is what you get. And a correction I went to high school in the US ( a huge part of my formative years). I’m a proud to be Indian but also proud of the varied cultural upbringing that I have had.”

Another person pitched in saying, “Wow! You went to school?” to which she replied, “Wow! You always been a hater?”

But other than this brief attack, the actress largely stuck to answering comfortable questions.

In one of the questions she was asked about the racist backlash that she faced during her NFL performance, Priyanka said she would not let ‘haters’ decide her fate.

“I love making music and making movies, irrespective of the geography. I’m giving it everything I have... let my talent decide my fate,” she said. 

First Published: Friday, July 04, 2014 18:52 [IST]
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