Night vision eye drops let scientist 'see in the dark'

30 March 2015, 04:14 PM

A group of “citizen scientists” in the United States have claimed to have successfully tested eye drops that can allow a human being to gain night vision power. 

The group, called Science for the Masses (SftM), used a solution that had been previously prescribed to persons with night blindness and tested it on their principle testing consultant, Gabriel Licina.

A small amount of the solution was dropped onto Licina’s eyeballs using a pipette and was left to be absorbed. Licina then wore black contact lenses in order to avoid over-exposure to light.

He was then taken out to a field along with a control group that were not given the night-vision drops. Some shapes were hanged to the trees and Licina along with others were asked to identify them.SftM said Licina’s success rate in recognising the targets was 100%, while that of the control group was only 33%.

“It’s more difficult to sue yourself. We have done the research, we’ve double and triple checked all of our sources and the journal papers,” Licina said when asked about the risks to his own eyesight.

“We are serious about what we do, we are serious about science, so that means we read a lot of journals papers.”

“It’s subtle. It’s not like ‘oh my gosh I have super vision!’,” he says.

“It’s more like dark became dim, everything was a little brighter. Not a crazy noticeable light, burning and doom, but more a subtle, ‘oh I can see a thing!’”

“Our mission is to aid in the development of “citizen science”; we want to see the tools and resources necessary to perform scientific research made available to anyone that wants them,” SftM wrote on their website.

First Published: Monday, March 30, 2015 16:10 [IST]
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