Hyderabad: 16-year-old girl attempts suicide after 'harassment' by teacher

Updated On : 22 Nov , 2017 , 09:22 AM
Representational Image
Representational Image
New Delhi:

A 16-year-old student at Narayana College allegedly attempted suicide in Hyderabad last Saturday.  She alleged that her teacher had harassed her for past six months.

"My teacher used to punish me without any reason. My mathematics teacher harassed me for six months; she abused me and used to torture me mentally. I complained about it to the principal, but she didn't react. I was mentally disturbed and attempted to commit suicide. I need justice," the student of Narayana College told ANI.

A children's rights activist, Achoot Rao, has demanded a stringent action in the matter, saying that the state education department has initiated no action about the drastic increase in students' deaths.

"We will also approach high court regarding children's deaths," Rao added.

With Input from ANI

First Published : Wednesday, November 22, 2017 08:30 AM
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