Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya talks about her exit from Kamal Haasan's show, says 'I am happy'

06 August 2017, 05:45 PM
Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya talks about her exit from Kamal Haasan's show
Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya talks about her exit from Kamal Haasan's show

Tamil actress Oviya Helen, who was recently ousted from 'Bigg Boss Tamil', has revealed that she is quite happy to be out from the the popular reality show.

The diva, who has been one of the most popular contestants of 'Bigg Boss Tamil', walked out of the show owing to some mental health issues.

It was reported that Oviya has expressed her love for one of her housemates Aarav on the show and even displayed her affection several times. However, Aarav was seen giving her a cold-shoulder which became unbearable for Oviya.

After much delibration, the lady requested Bigg Boss to let her leave the show and the stress was taking a toll on her health. “I think I love Arav too much… I am not able to control it. That’s why I want to go,” she was seen saying.

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Oviya's exit indeed came as a shock for her fans, who were quite disappointed watching the lady walk out from the show which is hosted by veteran actor Kamal Haasan.

Talking about her exit, Oviya said “I got what I came here for – experiences and love. I don’t know if I will beat the show. But I have realised that true love never fails. I am happy.”

The actress further asserted that she didn't expect to receive all the love from the audience before she entered the reality show.

“This love that you show me is very special. I didn’t expect this at all when I first came in,” she said.

Interestingly, when Kamal Haasan asked for her last message to the housemated, Oviya just managed to say "I love you Aarav".

Well, that was indeed an emotional moment for Oviya, who had not just left the audience teary eyes post her exit, but some of the housemates too got emotional post her exit.

Although, the 'Oviyan Army' is hoping to see the popular actress back on Bigg Boss Tamil, we wonder if Oviya will be back as a wild card entry in the upcoming episodes.

First Published: Sunday, August 06, 2017 05:29 PM
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