Sushma Swaraj asks Indian High Commission to issue medical visa for Pakistani national

Updated On : 26 Nov , 2017 , 02:59 PM
EAM Sushma Swaraj (PTI-File)
EAM Sushma Swaraj (PTI-File)
New Delhi :

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Saturday directed the Indian High Commission to issue medical visa on an urgent basis to a Pakistani national.

The matter surfaced when Ghazanfar Ali, a Pakistani national tweeted to the EAM that his mother, Kaneez Fatima’s case has entered critical stage and is advised for liver transplant on an immediate basis.

Addressing Sushma Swaraj in a very respectful manner, Ghazanfar Ali also attached his mother’s treatment papers. 

The EAM addressed the grievance on an urgent basis and directed the Indian High Commission (IHC) at Islamabad to issue medical visa on an urgent basis. 

Not just this, Sushma Swaraj has a credible history of addressing the genuine grievances of Pakistani nationals pertaining to medical issues since Pakistan has a dismal healthcare.  

Twitter has emerged as one of the most credible medium to send and receive messages, be it public or private. 

First Published : Sunday, November 26, 2017 02:34 PM
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