Notorious gangster Ajay Dabas who escaped from custody arrested by Delhi Police

07 July 2017, 06:17 PM
Notorious gangster Ajay Dabas, who escaped from custody arrested by Delhi Police
Notorious gangster Ajay Dabas, who escaped from custody arrested by Delhi Police

A notorious criminal with Rs 1.5 lakh bounty on his head has been arrested by the Delhi Police. The 36-year-old Ajay Dabas alias Ajay Barwala had fled from Police custody in April this year while being escorted to a Court in Haryana's Sonepat.

Ajay went on a shooting spree after the escape and committed four more crimes within a couple of months. After this, the police announced cash reward on his head.

Ajay, who entered into the world of crime at the age of 15 has been involved in around 26 cases of serious crime and he was also awarded death sentence which was later turned into a life imprisonment.

Initially, Dabas started with small crimes but soon he came in contacts with bigger gangsters of Delhi and started committing major crimes. One of the gangsters he worked with was Anil Bhakte.

However, Bhakte was killed in a police encounter and his gang was taken over by Ajay Dabas.

In between all this, Police arrested him several times but somehow he managed to escape from police custody. His terror was not limited to Delhi and he started spreading his gang in neighboring state of Haryana.

Ajay committed four murders in Haryana for which the court awarded him with capital punishment but later on his appeal his sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

On April 11, Dabas fled from police custody while being taken to a court in Sonepat, Haryana. Days later, he shot a tehsildar to settle his personal dispute.

A week later, he shot at one Amit in Dwarka area but the victim survived the attack.

Dabas continued to attack his rivals and on June 20, he and his aides attacked one Manjeet Kumar over an old standing rivalry but Manjeet survived.

Manjeet was the brother-in-law of Devender Rathi, his former business partner whom Ajay Dabas had earlier murdered because of a rivalry.

However, he is now again in police custody with increased security.

First Published: Friday, July 07, 2017 06:06 PM
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