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Five food you must avoid during rainy season

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 31 August 2018, 12:58 PM
Five food you must avoid during rainy season (Photo:Facebook/Brooke Bumgarner Kerley)
Five food you must avoid during rainy season (Photo:Facebook/Brooke Bumgarner Kerley)

During rainy season the risk of infections through food are more because many of the the food sold in the market are latent with germs. And rainy season is the best time for germs to breed, especially for water-borne bacteria. The digestive system is rendered weak and vulnerable specially for children. Hence, to protect yourself and children from the rainy season illness, these five food are best avoided. 

Avoid these five types of food during rainy season:

  1. Roadside juices: One extreme danger of roadside juices is not knowing the condition of the fruit and when the fruit was cut. There is every   chance that the juices are made out of stale fruits or fruits that have been cut in advance. Consuming them can hence increase the risk of you falling sick. Prepare your juices at home using fresh fruits and consume instantly.
  2. Fried food: Fried food are irresistible. However, one should strongly stay away from them. The high humidity during rainy season slows down   the digestion process. Consuming fried food can cause gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset. 
  3. Sea food: Sea creatures often breed during rainy season. Sea food such as prawn, fish, crabs hence become scare. And you end up buying  stale seafood which can lead to severe stomach infection or in some cases food poisoning. Opt for some non-vegetarian food like mutton,   chicken and save the sea food for later. 
  4. Fizzy drinks: Fizzy drinks or aerated drinks such as coke satiate thirst like no other. However, during rainy season consumption of fizzy drinks   reduce minerals in the body, which leads to reduction of enzyme activity. This becomes dangerous especially when you have an already weak   digestive system. Stick to water or fresh lime water.
  5. Raw food: For salad lovers, rainy season can be bad news. While the benefits of eating raw are aplenty, rainy season makes it risky. This is   because the chances of germs and infection are high. Replace raw food with boil or steamed ones. Or if you must eat salad, make sure to   wash it thoroughly in salted water before ingesting them. The same goes for fruits, make sure you wash them thoroughly before you consume them. Eating instantly after you cut them is advised.

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First Published: Friday, August 31, 2018 12:37 PM
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