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New breast cancer test can predict risk of recurrence of cancer

Researchers have developed a new test that can anticipate the risk of recurrence of cancer, thus saving breast cancer patients from unnecessary pain of chemotherapy.

News Nation Bureau | Oct 03, 2017 08:03 AM

These neurons produce sleep when one feels bored, suggests study

Researchers based in China and Japan have established a link between sleep and situations with the absence of motivational stimuli.

News Nation Bureau | Oct 03, 2017 06:55 AM

Dream loss due to sleep deprivation is a 'silent' health hazard, claims study

A new study coming from University of Arizona, Tucson, United States has labelled dream loss due to sleep deprivation as a ‘silent’ public health hazard.

News Nation Bureau | Oct 02, 2017 07:43 AM

Tamil Nadu: Upsurge in dengue cases, 138 cases recorded so far

According to the health secretary, the government hospitals are well-equipped to handle the dengue and appealed to people to take their children to government hospitals.

News Nation Bureau | Oct 01, 2017 08:57 AM

Smell test could determine risk of dementia in later life

A new study surfacing from the University of Chicago reveals that sense of smell could determine the risk of dementia in older men and women.

News Nation Bureau | Sep 30, 2017 03:20 AM

Chennai: Doctors conduct India's first re-do transplant on 36-year-old woman

The doctors at Frontier Lifeline hospital in Chennai successfully conducted India's first re-do transplant on 36-year-old Reena Raju.

News Nation Bureau | Sep 29, 2017 09:18 AM

World Heart Day 2017: Cardiovascular diseases witness three-fold rise among Delhiites over the last three years

"Prolonged intake of painkillers, hormonal and contraceptive pills can cause clotting of blood in the arteries. This coupled with unhealthy lifestyle and stress increases the risk of heart diseases."

News Nation Bureau | Sep 28, 2017 12:16 PM

Asia's first upper arm double hand transplant gives 19-year-old student new lease of life

A team of competent 20 surgeons had successfully performed surgery which lasted for more than 13 hours and a 16-members anesthetic team led by Dr. Subramania Iyer, head of Department of Plastic and...

News Nation Bureau | Sep 28, 2017 09:40 AM

Researchers from University of Hyderabad develop nano drug for cancer treatment

It is designed in such a way that the capsule has a hollow poly-N-acryloyl L-phenyl alanine methylester (NAPA-HPN), which has biodegradable nanocapsules of average size ranging from 100-150 nm. The...

News Nation Bureau | Sep 28, 2017 08:10 AM

Hic Hic Hurray: Consuming alcohol with controlled diet can keep liver problems away, says study

Marked differences in the composition of the diets used in this study may help explain why mice consuming the highest amounts of alcohol did not develop the most severe liver injury.

News Nation Bureau | Sep 26, 2017 10:10 PM

Shocking! Bariatric surgery claims life of Chennai woman

Now a days, most of the weight loss surgeries are performed using minimally invasive techniques, but still are not fully safe and secure.

News Nation Bureau | Sep 25, 2017 10:57 PM

New study links chronic migraine with a common jawbone disorder

The study suggests that the escalating frequency of migraine attacks can also increase the severity of this disorder, which includes discomfort in chewing and joint tension ranging from jawbone to...

News Nation Bureau | Sep 25, 2017 10:26 PM

Eman Ahmed, World's heaviest woman passes away in Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital

Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman with a weight of 500 kg, who has undergone a surgery at a hospital in Mumbai passes away in Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital. Earlier, she was flown from Egypt...

News Nation Bureau | Sep 25, 2017 03:51 PM

People who vote in elections are happier then those who don't: Study

People who vote in the electionsare happy with their choice, while those who abstain from voting tend to regret their decisions, a study has found. Researchers from Universite de Montreal in Canada...

PTI | Sep 25, 2017 09:04 AM

What? Parasite caused blindness in Mexican boy

Eyes pain and allergies may cause a lot of suffering for individuals but in general it is just a matter of time and you can get rid of it within a moment. This kind of problems are generally...

News Nation Bureau | Sep 24, 2017 10:25 PM