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Air India Independence Day Sale: Book domestic flight tickets at Rs. 425 and international from Rs. 6,000

Air India is all set to make your travel cheaper in the coming months. As part of the Independence Day celebration, the National carrier is offering one-way fares at Rs. 425 for...

Aug 15, 2017 13:43 PM

Close shave for 196 passengers bound to Addis Ababa at Delhi’s IGI airport as wings of Ethiopian Airlines clips wings with Air India

A major untoward incident was averted at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport after wings of Ethiopian Airlines plane collided with Air India on Wednesday early hours.

Aug 09, 2017 21:00 PM

Air India flight suffers tyre burst at IGI airport, all passengers safe

An Air India flight from Varanasi suffered a tyre burst after landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here today.

Aug 06, 2017 22:38 PM

Mid-air scare: Naval officer threats Air India crew with hoax call about bomb planted in aircraft

In a mid-air scare, a Naval officer on board Air India’s Delhi-Jodhpur-Jaipur flight threatened crew that he had planted a bomb in the aircraft.

Aug 06, 2017 17:27 PM

Spooked by ghosts, Air India crew asks management to change accommodation

A bizarre incident of ghost sighting was reported on Sunday in Air India crew Hotel in Chicago. The crew who was staying in the hotel claimed to have felt paranormal activities in...

Jul 31, 2017 23:08 PM

Body parts of passengers killed in Air India plane crash 50 years ago found at French Alps

In a breakthrough discovery, body parts of passengers, who died in two of Air India plane crashes, have been found in the French Alps. It is astonishing that the body parts...

Jul 29, 2017 16:45 PM

Chennai deluge pics passed as Gujarat flood photos, PTI fires photojournalist after Smriti Irani points out mistake

Press Trust of India on Saturday fired a photographer for erroneous reporting after Information and Broadcast Minister Smriti Irani pointed out that AIR India tweeted Chennai flood...

Jul 29, 2017 14:04 PM

Body parts found on Mont Blanc may belong to Air India plane crash victims

Daniel Roche, who is fascinated by air plane accidents and has spent years combing the Bossons Glacier looking for remains, made the discovery on Thursday.

Jul 29, 2017 12:54 PM

Air India to stop serving non-vegetarian meals in its domestic flights to save Rs 10 crores

Air India, under a huge debt of nearly Rs 52,000, has decided not to serve non-vegetarian meals to economy class passengers traveling its domestic flights to save around Rs 8 -10...

Jul 27, 2017 21:56 PM

Suspicious packet found in food trolley of Air India aircraft at Delhi airport

On Wednesday, the Delhi Police had received a phone call threatening to blow up the prime minister's residence, Rajiv Chowk metro station and Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, which later...

Jul 20, 2017 20:25 PM