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6.1-magnitude earthquake hits off coast of Fiji

A strong 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fiji on Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

Jan 14, 2017 13:53 PM

7.2-magnitude undersea earthquake hits south Philippines, no damage reported

A powerful earthquake of 7.2 magnitude was set off by movement of oceanic plates 625 kilometres under the seabed in Celebes Sea off the southern Philippines on Tuesday.

Jan 10, 2017 17:37 PM

United Nations looks for more information from India on anti-cholera vaccination

Amid reports that the UN is investigating Indian peacekeepers deployed in Haiti without the mandatory cholera vaccination, the Secretary General’s spokesperson said the world...

Jan 10, 2017 15:28 PM

5.1-magnitude earthquake hits southern Iran, kills 4

Iran's state TV says a magnitude 5.1 quake killed four people in a village deep in southern Iran. The report says the quake struck Saifabad village near the town of Khonj, about...

Jan 06, 2017 13:51 PM

Low-intensity earthquake shakes Arunachal Pradesh

There was no report of any casualty or damage to property.

Jan 04, 2017 13:34 PM

Tsunami alert lifted after 7.2 earthquake hit near Fiji Islands

A shallow 7.2-magnitude earthquake had struck off the coast of Fiji, according to the US Geological Survey, but there were no reports of damage and a tsunami warning was lifted.

Jan 04, 2017 07:42 AM

5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Tripura, mild tremors felt in Assam

An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale struck Tripura this afternoon. Mild tremors were felt across northeast India.

Jan 03, 2017 15:57 PM

Year in review: Take a look at major earthquakes which rocked world in 2016

Earthquakes is among the natural calamities which did not spare us in 2016 as well. There are at least seven major earthquakes that have been witnessed in the passing year with at...

Jan 01, 2017 13:54 PM

Chilean authorities order coastal evacuations after powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake

Chilean authorities ordered coastal evacuations on Sunday following a powerful Christmas Day earthquake offshore the south of the country that triggered tsunami alerts.

Dec 26, 2016 00:16 AM

Strong 7.7 magnitude earthquake rattles Chile, Tsunami warning lifted

A strong Christmas day earthquake rattled Chile on Sunday, registering 7.7 on the Moment Magnitude Scale, according to US seismologists, who warned that tsunamis are possible in...

Dec 25, 2016 21:57 PM