Bomb blast on railway track in Bihar's Buxar; no harm reported

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New Delhi:

A bomb blast reportedly took place on a railway track near Buxar station in Mughalsarai-Patna section in Bihar on Monday. 

According to reports, the blast took place at 12:10PM. However, according to sources, no damage to property or life was reported. According to an eyewitness, a passenger travelling from Down Upper India train threw the bomb on the tracks, which caused an explosion loud enough to be heard till Golambar in Buxar. However, the railway track remained intact. Railways has ordered an enquiry into the matter.

"PWI/Buxar informed at about 12.10 hrs that a bomb blast occurred between Buxar-Baruna near Down line at about 12.05 PM," Anil Saxena, Indian Railways Spokesperson said. 

He added, "Down movement on the route has been blocked. Up movement will be done by issuing caution order to 12487 ex Buxar. As a result of blast, three express trains 12141, 12402, 14004 have been detained."

Local thana, GRP, RPF informed, Saxena said. 

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