Indian GDP grew faster under UPA, hit 10 per cent in 2006-07, reveals GDP backseries data

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As per the new GDP measures, India's average annual growth rate during the UPA government was much higher than the first four years of Narendra Modi government and even touched double-digit for the first time in the history of modern India in 2006-07, according to a new GDP backseries data released by an NDA panel. The Indian economy had registered average of 8.12 per cent under Manmohan Singh government.

The average growth rate during the first five-year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government (2004-05 to 2008-09) was 8.87 per cent compared to Modi-led NDA government’s 7.35 per cent in the first four years (2014-15 to 2017-18).

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According to the data of the Committee on Real Sector Statistics, which was submitted to the National Statistical Commission, India registered a growth rate of 10 per cent in 2006-07, the first instance of double-digit growth in the history of modern India.

“The GDP backseries data is finally out. It proves that like-for-like, the economy under both UPA terms (10-year avg: 8.1%) outperformed the Modi Govt (Avg 7.3%). The UPA also delivered the only instance of double-digit annual growth in modern Indian history,” the ecstatic Congress said in a tweet.

As per the new GDP measure, India's average GDP growth rate during UPA government was much higher than the first four years of NDA government, achieved the double-digit in 2006-07.

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