Mayawati slams Uttar Pradesh government's move to appoint Lok Kalyan Mitras

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Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Saturday slammed the Uttar Pradesh government’s move to appoint ‘Lok Kalyan Mitras’ at the block level in the state, terming it as “a waste of government money.”

“The BJP government’s recent decision to appoint Lok Kalyan Mitras at the block level in the state for dissemination of information and feedbacks on various government schemes and programmes is a blatant waste of the government money, and a proof that these schemes are not benefitting the poor and needy,” said Mayawati in a statement.

She said these appointments prove there was no enthusiasm among the BJP and RSS cadre at the ground level and the party was presuming its cadre dead and non-functional.

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Mayawati sought to counsel the BJP government that “instead of resorting to such wasteful expenditure, it should fill various vacant posts at the government level and provide employment to youths from different sections of the society.”

The UP government early this week decided to appoint 822 Lok Kalayan Mitras, one in each block of the state, through a written examination. The Lok Kalyan Mitra will publicise the government’s schemes and programmes at the village level.

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