Kerala Hindu woman held captive for marrying Christian

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New Delhi :

An FIR has been filed by the Ernakulam police lodged by a 28 year old woman on charges that her family held her in captive detention for 22 days at a local yoga centre for marrying a Christian man as reported by NDTV. 

The allegation brought by the woman is that her family conspired against her in collusion with the owner of the yoga center to wrongfully confine her and then coerce her into marrying a man from the same religeon. 

A case has been registered against the woman's family members and the owner of the Yoga and Charitable Trust in Kandanad where she alleges that she was kept in confinement along with 65 other women. 

She escaped on August 21. The husband of the woman has filed a petition which the court will hear soon. She along with other women were kept under severe unhealthy conditions and were made to wear wet clothes and use wharooms without any doors.    

The woman also alleged that they were forcefully taught the evils of Christianity and Islam. 

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