On rising fuel prices, Congress gives it back to BJP - ‘Bahut Hui Mahangai Ki Maar…’

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As petrol and diesel prices hit a fresh high on Tuesday amid rupee’s record low of 71.54 against US dollar, the Opposition Congress on Tuesday mocked the Narendra Modi government with a famous slogan the BJP had used against the UPA government during 2014 Lok Sabha elections – ‘Bahut Hui Mahangai Ki Maar (Enough of high inflation)…’.

Sharing a video of Prime Minister Modi and other BJP leaders reacting to the rising fuel prices during the UPA government, the Congress party wrote on Twitter that “the latest round of increases in fuel prices shows how Modi Govt's inability to hold the value of the rupee affects the country adversely.”

Karma... #BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar pic.twitter.com/KHLNISUhiX

— Congress (@INCIndia) September 4, 2018

In the above video, the Congress party tries to build its narrative on the rising petrol and diesel prices using BJP leaders' "introspective" reactions from the past on the "inability" to contain fuel prices.

Although the video contains old reactions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union ministers Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Prakash Javadekar on fuel price hike, they are more relevant in today's situation.

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In a series of tweets, blaming the faulty policies of the Modi Government behind the exponential increase in fuel prices, the Congress said, “PM Modi on the campaign trail lost no opportunity to berate the former Govt on increasing fuel prices. His silence now is deafening.”

PM Modi on the campaign trail lost no opportunity to berate the former Govt on increasing fuel prices. His silence now is deafening. #BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar pic.twitter.com/nWo2tVYZVL

— Congress (@INCIndia) September 4, 2018

Hitting out at the BJP-led NDA government, Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said, "The rupee at a record low, fuel prices at a high - a dismal state of affairs! Clearly, this is a direct result of the BJP’s poorly planned economic policies. #BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar."

Not just the Congress but Twitterati also mocked Modi and his ministers using their previous statements and campaign videos. Some of them are no less than a laugh riot. Take a look:

Remember her... of course, you do.

Kaha Ho Aunty ji ?Have you settled with Nirav Modi post 2014 ?#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar #Petrol pic.twitter.com/f5gXypJvKb

— Niraj Bhatia (@bhatia_niraj23) September 4, 2018

Customer: Bhai, petrol kitne ka hai ?Petrol Pump Guy: ₹86/- sir. How would u like to pay? By cash or by card? Customer : Do u accept Kidneys?#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar

— Siona Gogoi (@AtomicBlow) September 4, 2018

And always remember - Internet never forgets

Hi @ashokepandit Ji, How are you?#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar pic.twitter.com/9iWx3dDpXh

— Siona Gogoi (@AtomicBlow) September 4, 2018

And past haunts

#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaarPetrol crossing ₹86Diesel crossing ₹75Non Subsidised LPG -₹1401Savings 20 Year Low!RTI reply has revealed that Modi Govt selling Petrol to 15 foreign countries at just ₹34/litre and selling Diesel to 29 foreign countries at a pittance of ₹37! pic.twitter.com/9YRUljmkM0

— Rachit Seth (@rachitseth) September 4, 2018

100 per cent 'suddha' petrol costs more

Petrol prices are higher now because the BJP is giving suddh petrol mixed with Gangajal and Gau Mutra while the Congress gave us adulterated petrol without any boosters.Har Har Modi🚩🚩#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaar pic.twitter.com/ImrFDYVS2l

— Siona Gogoi (@AtomicBlow) September 4, 2018

Can somebody please file a police complaint

#BahutHuiMahangaiKiMaarWhere r these people now🧐 pic.twitter.com/k0HkxW29TK

— Vidya (@Vidyaraj51) September 4, 2018

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