Rahul Gandhi watches Republic Day parade from 6th row, Congress terms it deliberate humiliation

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New Delhi:

Congress president Rahul Gandhi watched the Republic Day parade on Friday from the sixth roan at Delhi’s Rajpath. The opposition party termed the sitting arrangement as ‘deliberate humiliation’.

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala wrote on Twitter, “Congress president Rahul Gandhi forced to seat in sixth row on Republic Day by the arrogant rulers deliberately seated. Our first priority is celebrating Republic Day.”

The Congress president during the Republic Day function was seen sitting far away from union ministers and senior BJP leaders.  Amit Shah, the president of the ruling BJP, and senior leader LK Advani were seen sitting in the front row.

मोदी सरकार की ओछी राजनीति जग ज़ाहिर! कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष श्री राहुल गांधी को गणतंत्र दिवस के राष्ट्रीय पर्व पर अंहकारी शासकों ने सारी परंपराओं को दरकिनार करके पहले चौथी पंक्ति और फिर छठी पंक्ति में जानबूझकर बिठाया।हमारे लिये संविधान का उत्सव ही सर्व प्रथम है। pic.twitter.com/8bRi017G8J

— Randeep S Surjewala (@rssurjewala) January 26, 2018

The Congress furious with the sitting arrangement alleged that it was breach of protocol that too in front of world leaders. They also alleged that the BJP ensured that the visiting ASEAN leaders did not meet the opposition.

Ten heads of state from Association of Southeast Asian Nations were chief guests at the Republic Day parade. They were seated on a 100-foot wide stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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