Why seek jobs, breed a cow and have Rs 10 lakh in bank balance: Tripura CM Biplab Deb

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Giving a glimpse of his “intellectual capacity”, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Saturday advised the educated youth of his state to stop “wasting time” in search of government jobs and start breeding cows.

“There should be a cow in every home. Here, milk is being sold at Rs 50 per litre. A graduate roams around in search of a job for 10 years. Had he bred a cow for 10 years, a bank balance of Rs 10 Lakh would have been a realty by now,” CM Deb said.

The Tripura Chief Minister made the bizarre statement while speaking at a seminar organised by the Tripura Veterinary Council.

Har ghar mein gai honi chahiye. Yahan dudh Rs 50 litre hai, toh ek gai paal le, koi graduate hai, naukri ke liye ghoomta rehta hai 10 saal se, agar 10 saal gai paal leta toh apne aap Rs 10 lakh ka bank balance tayar ho jata: Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb (28.04.18) pic.twitter.com/x5Gu6elttv

— ANI (@ANI) April 29, 2018

This was not the first time Deb sparked a controversy with his remarks. Earlier on April 18, the Tripura CM had claimed that India was the birthplace of internet as it was in existence during the times of Mahabharata.

“The Europeans and the Americans may claim that it is theirs, but it is actually our technology. Internet has been present in India for over lakhs of years,” Deb had said.

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