Nikki Reed shuns plastic surgery rumours, credits change of appearance to ‘Healthy living’

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Did the Cullen’s, Rosaline Hale divulge the trick to remain young forever like her vampire character? After gaining a profile-raising in the Twilight Saga, Nikki Reed went on to marry Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore in Vampire Dairies. You can call in a stoke of coincidence for two TV vampires to wed in real life or maybe, Count Dracula’s tricks to his cards? Unlike her vampire character however, Nikki Reed recently has been slighted of having a change in her appearance by her fans.The new mum has however brushed aside all the claims of going under the knife but credits her fan’s perceptible-change of her to healthy living. She earlier told PEOPLE, “I feel like a completely different person’’. As a new mum, I began to pay closer attention to the ingredients in my food and beauty products and what I put in and on my body, said Reed.To intensify the claims of her lifestyle change, the actress also quoted, “I have even read false things about myself like that I had a nose job, or veneers. Funny enough, I haven’t done a single thing to my face, except changed my lifestyle and reduced my chemical intake.”After tying the knot with Ian, Reed mentioned that she is also more conscious of what goes into the making of food and products that she chooses, especially, when she learned she was pregnant with daughter Bodhi in May 2017. Today, her healthy lifestyle consists of taking up Acro Yoga to which she credits of making her feel healthier than ever.

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🌜G O O D M O R N I N G🌛

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How about the “F-yea we’ve got this” victory dance at the end😂? Early acro-park mornings with the crew. Flowing with my fav @moderntarzan + special instructions from his love @acrosprout, a sweet surprise guest appearance by my better half @iansomerhalder , and the most wonderful audience (Babe+Mama+Enzo) cheering us on.

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 She also is more astute about what really is in the products on her shelves. She, hence, chooses to swap those products with potentially harmful chemicals for more organic products with fewer ingredients. The new mum and actress has a lot to tell her fans about her healthy lifestyle.

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Made from weeds! Spent another wonderful afternoon with my girls over at @womens_heritage taking classes on edible plants, herbs, spices and even weeds! Learning how to plant-hunt, learning to forage the plants and how to recognize edible and medicinal weeds growing all around us! Plus they taught me how to make a delicious meal with them! I will never see an empty lot or field the same! We went on an amazing plant-walk discussing all the beauty that is right under our nose that most of us never see! This is a delicious pesto made with chickweed, mallow, dock, dandelion, mustard and wood sorrel that we picked next to a parking lot in a densely populated urban area...who knew☺️

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She told her fans that her lifestyle change starts off in the wake of morning itself with simple acts such as choosing a natural toothpaste over the chemical-induces ones. In fact, to raise awareness she has even partnered with Tom’s of Maine on a social experiment that sparked genuine conversation about raising ingredient awareness.Nikki Reed is also seen telling her fans to read the product labels and familiarize themselves with the ingredients. To make things better, she encourages starting small such as a change of lipstick, mouthwash or even a deodorant to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the changes.

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