Guru Purnima 2018: Social media shares greetings, wishes to thank teachers and 'gurus'

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Vyasa Purnima also known as Guru Purnima is celebrated on 27th July in India. The auspicious day is celebrated by honouring teachers as students thank them for the guidance and teachings that they provide.

Guru Purnima is also celebrated in India’s neighbour Nepal. People go to temples and visit their teachers to seek their blessings and to show their gratitude.

As per Buddhists beliefs, Lord Buddha oration on this day and hence the day is also known as Buddha Purnima. 

According to Buddhists beliefs, Lord Buddha gave his first sermon on this day and hence the day came to be known as Buddha Purnima.

Schools, colleges and educational institutes mainly mark Guru Purnima by holding celebrations and special functions to honour their mentors.

Meanwhile, social media has been bustling with tweets and posts honouring the importance of their ‘gurus’.

Celebrities, politicians, spiritual talkers took to social media and thanked teachers and gurus for moulding their lives and being a part of their success.

Here are few of the tweets: 

गुरु पूर्णिमा के पावन अवसर पर देशवासियों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।#GuruPurnima greetings to everyone. Ours is a society that holds teachers in very high esteem. We thank our teachers, who always inspire and bring out the best in us.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 27, 2018

Greetings n best wishes on the auspicious occasion of #GuruPurnima, a day dedicated to all our reverred spiritual masters n teachers, who guide, inspire n instil values in all of us.We remain forever indebted to our teachers n guides for their innumerable sacrifices n blessings.

— Ashok Gehlot (@ashokgehlot51) July 27, 2018

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, may Guru's blessings always shower on you. Have a blessed #GuruPurnima

— Ravi Shankar Prasad (@rsprasad) July 27, 2018

'Guru' is the one who helps dispell the darkness of ignorance from the mind. On the auspicious occasion of #GuruPurnima, let us remember and pay our respects to the teachers of both worldly and spiritual wisdom who have touched our lives.

— Suresh Prabhu (@sureshpprabhu) July 27, 2018

A very significant day in the life of a seeker. May this #GuruPurnima you become receptive to your Guru’s grace. Tributes to all the great Guru’s of this land. High time, we have a holiday on this very significant day.

— Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) July 27, 2018

ଆଦର୍ଶ ମଣିଷ ଗଢିବା, ଜ୍ଞାନକୁ ଋଦ୍ଧିମନ୍ତ ଓ ସତମାର୍ଗରେ ପରିଚାଳିତ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ଗୁରୁ ହିଁ ଶ୍ରେଷ୍ଠ ପଥ ପ୍ରଦର୍ଶକ।On #GuruPurnima let’s resolve to learn, process & leave behind good morals for generations to come on ideals of honesty & integrity at all pursuits of life.

— Naveen Patnaik (@Naveen_Odisha) July 27, 2018

Greetings and best wishes on the auspicious occasion of #GuruPurnima . I am fondly remembering & saluting all my gurus ( parents,teachers, coaches,seniors & friends) who guided & inspired me to be a good human and responsible Indian. #गुरुपूर्णिमा

— Maj Surendra Poonia (@MajorPoonia) July 27, 2018

My greetings to fellow citizens on the auspicious ocassion of Guru Purnima. It is an important day to remember and express our gratitude to all the gurus (Teachers).#GuruPurnima

— VicePresidentOfIndia (@VPSecretariat) July 27, 2018

Dear Life, You are the best teacher.Happy #GuruPurnima

— Ajaz Khan (@AjazkhanActor) July 27, 2018

Gurupurnima is a day to express our gratitude towards people who have significantly influenced our life. Greetings on #GuruPurnima

— Vijay Rupani (@vijayrupanibjp) July 27, 2018

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