Janmashtami 2018 celebrations: What is Chappan Bhog?

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Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival which marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth ‘Avatar’ of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami is celebrated with great joy all across the country. This year the festival falls on September 3, according to the Hindu calendar. Janmashtami in India is mainly celebrated in Gokul, Vrindavan and Mathura. Devotees fast the entire day and stay up till midnight which is considered to be the birth time of Lord Krishna. People sing bhajans in the name of Lord Krishna and break their fast only after midnight. They also distribute sweets among themselves.  ALSO READ | Mathura temple gears up for Janmashtami celebration on September 3 What is Chappan Bhog  Chappan means number 56 in Hindi. Devotees, as an offering, list 56 food items before the Lord. This list is commonly referred to as Chappan Bhog. However, number seven plays a key role. Generally, the 56 items consist of seven types of cereals, seven types of fruits, seven types of Dry fruits, seven vegetables, seven sweets, seven drinks, seven Namkeen, seven sauces. Here is the entire list of 56 items which are offered with some distinctions in different parts of the country:  1) Saag( Spinach)2) Dahi (curd)3) kheer ( sweet rice and milk)4) Chawal (rice)5) Rasgulla6) Rabri7) Mathi8) Daal9) Chutney10) Kadi11) Malpuda12) murabba13) Shakkarpaara14) Ghewar15) Chila16) Jalebi17) Papad18) Dalia19) Laddoo20) Ghee21) honey22) Mohanbhog23) Mathha24) Lassi25) Butter26) Malai27) Moong Dal Ka Halwa28) Khichadi29) Pakode30) Brinjal ALSO READ | Cancer treatment being tested on International Space Station: NASA 31) Lauki32) Coconut chutney33) Poori34) Kachori35) Roti36) Badam Milk37) Coconut water38) Mango39) Banana40) Shikanjvi41) Grapes42) Apple43) Plum44) Cashew nuts45) Almonds46) Raisins47) Pistachios48) Channa49) Tikki50) Sweet Rice51) Bhujia52) Pudina Chutney53) Saunf54) Paan55) Supaari56) Illaichi

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