Trump's fireworks in Europe may burn US interest in world

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New Delhi:

US President Donald Trump is incredible. Not for him the niceties of how to deal with fellow world leaders. 

After the way Trump behaved with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G7 Summit calling him “meek and mild” and accusing him of “dishonesty” on trade issues, and his subsequent walkout of the signing ceremony for a communiqué has come his broadside against German Chancellor Angelo Merkel at the NATO Summit in Brussels blasting Germany for its dependence on Russian gas.

While the intemperate behaviour against Trudeau ruined the G7 Summit consensus, the latest one against Merkel could well wreck the accord at NATO. France too has been at the receiving end of Trump’s quixotic and seemingly insane barbs and so has the UK.

Merkel has for quite a while had rough brushes with Trump but has no option but to deal with him. The scowl on their faces makes the dislike starkly obvious.

Trump had earlier disturbed a hornet’s nest soon after he assumed office by withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate deal which his predecessor Barack Obama had piloted ever so painstakingly. A few weeks ago, Trump pooh poohed the US-Iran nuclear accord. 

The US President’s imposition of tariffs on US imports from China is a different kettle of fish, teaching a lesson or two to the increasingly arrogant China which had been riding high on Xi Jinping’s moves to style itself as a superpower.

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