First person to stay on Mars could be alive as NASA plans to land by 2040, claims scientists

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The first person to stay on Mars could be alive as NASA's chief scientist Jim Green declared the space agency's plans to send someone to the Red Planet by the year 2040.

Earlier the 'building blocks of life' were uncovered on Mars as life on Earth's neighbouring planet seems to be becoming closer to reality, he claimed. 

”Now, we see Mars is an even better location for having past life. It’s just getting better and better," the scientist said.

An extensive research shows Mars is the most Earth-like planet in our entire solar system.

The planet with a bit more research could offer humans a 'brand new life with brand new vistas,' Mr Green said.

NASA is planning to send someone to the Red Planet by 2040 but the decision would depend on NASA being able to find a way to land a 10-ton vehicle on the surface of the Mars.

The space agency is only able to land a 1-ton vehicle and are yet to work out a way to take off from Mars.

"Sometime in the next decade, we plan to blast off the surface of Mars and return," said Mr Green to a leading US daily.

However, humans would need to wear space suits due to the extreme weather on Mars. The air also consist mostly of carbon dioxide, which is harmful for humans.

If the plan is successful in the coming decades, then human beings would need to prepare themselves for dust storms every six months. 

"The people that would go there are real pioneers.” Mr Green said.

People will need to farm and establish a food source in order to survive, with scientists believing that asparagus, beans and potatoes are viable crops to grow on Mars.

Housing and infrastructure would also need to be built in order to survive. Mr Green concluded by stating that 3D printers might be able to use dust on the planet to create habitats.

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