WWDC 2017: Apple announces iOS11, unveils new iMac Pro at $4999

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Technology giant Apple's biggest developer event WWDC 2017 kick-starts on Monday at 10:30 PM with CEO Tim Cook's keynote address. The mega event is being held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

The company usually unveils the next versions of its software for mobile devices, computers, wearables, etc. at the event, but WWDC 2017 is expected to give equal attention to the hardware and announcements of new iPads, Macbooks and other things are expected.

Here are the key announcements:

#12:00 PM

A new 'Today' tab will greet you when you every time you open the App Store. 'Games' tab will have a dedicated space now. 

#11:55 PM

Phil Schiller is on stage now and he tells that there are 500 million visitors to the App Store and 180 billion downloads till date. 70 billion dollars paid to developers till today.

#11:52 PM

With 27 million paid subscribers, Apple music will now let you see what your friend have been listening to.

#11:50 PM

You can create gif by putting live photos in the loop.

#11:48 PM

In iOS11, Siri uses 'on device learning' to better understand the user's needs. Siri can now perform advanced task management.

#11:46 PM

In new iOS11 Siri will now translate the text.

#11:45 PM

iOS 11 will use HEVC for video recording for better quality and lesser size.

#11:43 PM

Siri Kit, to let you use Siri for more third party devices.

#11:40 PM

The new feature in Apple Pay involves person to person payment. Integrated into iMessage. 

#11:37 PM

Integration with iCloud, so messages sync across devices. 

#11:35 PM

The new iOS 11 is official with optimised device storage, smaller and faster backups.

Live | #WWDC17 : Apple's announces new #ios11 with optimised device storage, smaller and faster backups https://t.co/A9leQGKo1c

— News Nation (@NewsNationTV) June 5, 2017

#11:32 PM

The new iMac Pro starts at $4999. Will be coming in December 2017.

Live | #WWDC17: Apple's announces new iMac Pro at $4999. https://t.co/A9leQGKo1c pic.twitter.com/ELAIGtJDII

— News Nation (@NewsNationTV) June 5, 2017

#11:30 PM

It will ship with up to an 18-core Xeon CPU. It will use AMD Vega GPU. 

#11:25 PM

The new iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac Apple has ever made comes in space grey finish.

#11:22 PM

The new iMac 21.5" starts at $1099, 4K iMac at $1299, 27"5K iMac at $1799

Live | #WWDC17: The new iMac 21.5" starts at $1099, 4K iMac at $1299, 27"5K iMac at $1799 https://t.co/A9leQGKo1c

— News Nation (@NewsNationTV) June 5, 2017

#11:20 PM

New iMac displays are 500nits, 43% brighter and the whole line is moving to Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs.

#11:15 PM

Metal for VR coming in High Sierra. Pro apps like FCP optimised and Steam VR, Unity and Unreal will be supported.  

#11:12 PM

The graphics have been improved and the new version offers better performance over its predecessor.

Live | #WWDC17: Improved graphics hardware on all iMacs https://t.co/A9leQGKo1c pic.twitter.com/FzFNndb3fl

— News Nation (@NewsNationTV) June 5, 2017

#11:10 PM

Next is the video. H.265 or HEVC offers up to 40% better compression.

#11:08 PM

Apple File System will be the default file system of the new OS.

Live | #WWDC17: #Apple File System is the default file system of the new OS. https://t.co/A9leQGKo1c pic.twitter.com/cPSIokkelJ

— News Nation (@NewsNationTV) June 5, 2017

#11:05 PM

New features for organising and editing photos coming to High Sierra

#11:03 PM

New refinements coming to Safari including Autoplay blocking. It will detect the sites that autoplay videos and block stop them.

#11:02 PM

The next version is called macOS High Sierra. 

#11:00 PM

The new watch-faces will update dynamically based on the time of the day.

#10:55 PM

Siri is becoming more proactive with the new operating system and there would be new watch faces including Disney characters.

#10:50 PM

Kevin Lynch is on the stage. The latest version of iOS for wearable devices watchOS4 is being unveiled. 

#10:45 PM

Apple watch enjoys great customer satisfaction and it has become the #1 smartwatch, says CEO Tim Cook

#10:40 PM

Apple now has 50 content partners for integration with the TV app of tvOS and Amazon Prime Video will now be available to tvOS. 

#10:30 PM

And finally, it's started! There's a video playing right now.

#10:00 PM

People in large numbers are coming to attend the keynote address.

#8:10 PM

Apple's new application 'Files' for iOS 11 appears on its App Store ahead of WWDC 2017

#7:50 PM

WWDC 2017: Apple launches a new Snapchat filter dedicated to the mega event 

#7:35 PM

Apple Store website goes down ahead of WWDC 2017

Just a few more hours to go, developers! We've got a big week ahead. See you at the keynote! #WWDC17pic.twitter.com/ewnOg3dXQ5

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) June 5, 2017

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