Berlin: World War II bomb found, about 10000 people evacuated

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New Delhi:

The Berlin Police headed a mass evacuation after a World War II bomb was found near a construction site in central Berlin.

The 500kg bomb was successfully disposed by the experts. About 10,000 people were evacuated after the process started in the morning.

"A short bang - there was a controlled explosion of the detonator away from the bomb," police said a leading daily. "Everything went smoothly without complications, and by the book,” the police added.

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The disposal was successfully completed by 1 pm. During the evacuation process, transportation and normal traffic were affected for a while. Roads leading to the important locations near the evacuation areas were closed.

Every year ammunitions are found from the World War II and according to various reports, almost 3000 bombs lie unexploded under the land. Such evacuations for bomb disposals is somewhat an usual routine for the locals and the squad is now well equipped in defusing them.

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