Pakistan must curb Hafiz Saeed, other terror groups to ensure better relations with India, says Husain Haqqani

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New Delhi:

Former Pakistani diplomat and renowned author Husain Haqqani talked openly about the relations between the tension that is brewing between India, Pakistan and USA in an exclusive interview with News Nation.

Haqqani, said that Pakistan has to make changes in its attitude and establish better relationship with India.

He said, "The negative image that Pakistan has created all over the world is the result of their own wrongdoings. If they want to change the image of Pakistan then they have to change their agenda. At the same time, we have to take initiative to improve relations with our neighboring countries."

He further said, "If Pakistan does not take any initiative to curb Hafiz Saeed and other terrorist organizations soon, then it will take a long time to build a positive image in the international community."

On the Kashmir issue, Haqqani said, "It is important to resolve the Kashmir issue for that India-Pakistan has to build friendship, only after that rest will follow.'

At the same time, when the former diplomat was questioned about the relations between Pakistan and China, he said, "China supports Pakistan because it wants to maintain a pressure on India." If Pakistan don’t understand these things, then relations with its neighbors will only turn bitter. I hope hey change their thinking soon.”

Haqqani, also adevised the media of both India and Pakistan to stop promoting inciteful content and said, "The media of India-Pakistan also need to make changes in their way. The media of both the countries speak extensively on the Indo-Pak issue, which should not be the case. Such talk provokes people of both countries; therefore, it is important to avoid such provocative content.”

On the US relations with Pakistan, he said, "America does not have any special love for Pakistan, it is only because they benefit from the ties.”

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