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Hacker group Anonymous accuse US cyber firm of protecting ISIS websites

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 30 November 2015, 05:18 PM

Hacker group Anonymous which is on a cyber war against the Islamic State has accused a Silicon Valley firm of protecting the sites of ISIS.

In a Tweet, Anonymous asked the Cloud Fare to stop the services to ‘ISIS’.

“Anonymous demands @CloudFlare to remove their protection for pro #ISIS websites. If you do not, we will do it for you.” Tweeted the group.

However, company CEO and co-founder took no time to respond and denied the allegations as baseless.

“I’d suggest this was armchair analysis by kids – it’s hard to take seriously. Anonymous uses us for some of its sites, despite pressure from some quarters for us to take Anonymous sites offline. Even if we were hosting sites for ISIS, it wouldn’t be of any use to us. I should imagine those kinds of people pay with stolen credit cards and so that’s a negative for us” said Mathew Prince, speaking to The Register.

CloudFlare provides services to about four million customers, which includes speeding up website loading time and offering protection against cyber attacks.

Besides this the company is known for stopping the 'Denial of Service Attacks', where websites that are overrun with traffic are forced to shut down.

First Published: Monday, November 30, 2015 14:30 [IST]
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