China's new landmark- a man-made WATERFALL built at a whopping cost

Beijing, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 05 January 2016, 06:34 PM

China has been lately in news for very different inventions. After a glass bridge, next the country has unveiled an astonishing man-made waterfall measuring 1,300ft wide in Kunming, Yunnan province.

According to reports, the waterfall, which took took three years to construct at a cost of 1.1billion Chinese Yuan (£114million), has been designed to help provide water during emergencies.

Hailed as a new landmark for south-west China, the waterfall is able to divert around 300,000 cubic metres (10.6million cubic feet) of water from the local Niulan River into Dianchi Lake.

Notably, China's 60 per cent of underground water is polluted, hence the step is seen by many as a preparation for potential water shortages in future.

The pollution problem in China is so big that many people in urban areas boil their water or buy it bottled to ensure it is safe.

If not as a solution to face drought issues, the waterfall is certainly a traveller's paradise. Don't miss to watch it if on a visit to the country.