Technology at its best: Plane that can detach its cabin to save lives during crash

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 17 January 2016, 11:23 AM

Engineers have come up with a radical way to save lives of plane passengers in the event of an emergency. As a technological upgradation, the new design shows an aircraft with a detachable cabin that releases in emergency situations.

The technology was invented by Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, who has been working on the project for the past three years.

How it works?

During take-off, flight or landing, the redesigned cabin can easily detach itself from the plane and safely lands on the ground or water– saving everyone's lives on board. There are parachutes attached to the cabin which would help passengers land safely in an emergency situation.

Engineers around the world have been concerned about the plane crashes and loss of human lives, this new concept can prove to be a revolutionary one in the history.

The new design also has an inclusion of a storage space that holds passengers' luggage underneath the cabin to avoid any lost luggage in case of a detachable landing.

On one hand where the cutting-edge design was getting all praises for its revamped concept, there were voices of concern over how this new concept will weaken the airframe.

There were rising concerns over the plane design. With joints and fittings to connect a fuselage and a body together where once you had a whole fuselage to reinforce the airframe also raises questions on future prospects of the airframe.

Though, this is not the first time for Tatarenko, he had earlier also received patents for an invention with an escape capsule system that would rescue passengers on board.

But this invention comes at even higher cost. However, a questionnaire conducted by the inventor found that 95% of people would be willing to buy a more expensive ticket in order to use such a safety system.