Heartwarming! Kerala man feeds hungry kids, hotel bill reflects his humanity

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 21 January 2016, 06:43 PM

Today’s lifestyles leave little scope for many to do social work but there are some who find time and energy to devote to the human cause.

One such man in Malappuram, Kerala is receiving appreciations on social media for feeding poor and needy people. And, what he got in return was even more marvellous.

According to reports, the man went into a restaurant to get dinner after a long day of work but gestured the hungry boy standing outside accompanied by his sister to come inside.

He then asked the children to have a hearty meal. No words were exchanged, not even smiles and the children left after finishing the meal. Later, the man also ordered some food for himself.

Soon after when he received the bill, he was met with a heart-warming gesture from the restaurant's management.

The bill had no amount. Only a message. The message read:

"We don't have a machine that can bill humanity. May good things happen to you."