Did you know about these toilet-themed restaurants in the world?

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 15 February 2016, 07:24 PM

Restaurants worldwide have been trying different themes and colors to lure customers from time to time.

From youth-oriented cafes to vibrant colored restaurants, food hubs have been trying their best to make it atmospheric and happening.

One such example of this modernization are these toilet-themed restaurants around the world:

W'Duck, Matosinhosin Portugal

If you thought toilets and finery could not match, think again. At this fine-dining restaurant, you may end up sitting on toilet seats for your meal, but the rest of the décor and food is all upscale.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei in Taiwan

It is the one restaurant that welcomes its customers with a happy Poop-face, has toilet-seat seating, and is decorated with shower heads and faeces-shaped lights.

Das Klo, Berlin in Germany

This is called Das Klo, which means The Toilet in German, is indeed one of the most eccentric bars in the world because it's broadly themed on toilets but is fully equipped with ghostly dummies protruding from the walls.

Crazy Toilet Café

Crazy Toilet Café, an eatery in Moscow that invites its diners to sit on seats resembling toilets while being served food in crockery created to look like small bath tubs and urinals.