TE3N Movie Review: Big B's show is nothing like a 'Montage'

New Delhi, Ankit Pal | Updated : 10 June 2016, 01:32 PM
TE3N Movie Poster
TE3N Movie Poster
Star Cast
Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan
Ribhu Dasgupta

TE3N is an official remake of the South Korean thriller 'Montage' but comes nowhere in comparison to the charm that film had and this one misses completely. Both the films are loaded with heavy dose of acting but TE3N fails drastically in binding the audiences to the screen; blame it on amateur execution of the script.

Big B is a stunner in this one, like he was in 'Wazir'. Every star is playing his part but Amitabh Bachchan is the driving force who keeps things moving against the world that is least interested in finding the culprit who had once kidnapped his grand-daughter. 

Judging Mr Bachchan on his acting skills would be exactly like showing light to Sun; but it would be a delight to mention that in TE3N he has acted so powerfully that masters like Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui struggle hard to match his charisma. 

TE3N is all about journey of a grandfather to nab the man behind his granddaughter's kidnapping. 

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The film begins with a glimpse to what had happened eight years back which parted a grandfather from his loving granddaughter, then introduces struggle he is doing in present time with a hope to reach that devil. Once a cop Nawazuddin Siddiqui has now turned into a church father and the new cop in town is Vidya Balan.

With all lost hopes, the world is on a spree to convince Mr Bachchan that no hopes are left in his case. But, then film follows the ideology - God helps those who help themselves. Big B takes responsibility on his shoulder and follows small leads in order to trace his man. What adds fun to the drama is ditto kidnapping happening after eight years with same set of sequences. 

Did Big B find his culprit? How this latest kidnapping is related to the one that happened eight years back? What role Nawazuddin has to play in solving both the mysteries? These are some questions that get answered in the latter. 

Cop-turned-father Nawazuddin Siddiqui essays the character loaded with guilt and a run away from past. Individually he has also performed well but in comparison to other cast he fails to reach extraordinary tag. Vidya Balan is in a guest appearance; you might not agree to this statement after watching the film as she captures the screen for ample amount of time and reminds you off her 'Kahaani' character, which also had a hunt on Kolkata streets.

Kolkata has a special connection with Bollywood, and Big B is the new ambassador. Be it 'Piku' or 'TE3N', he drives you through the local streets and beautifully presents the vibrant Bengali culture. From cycling, riding scooter to using public transport, the cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray has worked really well in capturing the real flavour of Kolkata.

With already tested thrilling script, when a movie fails, the blame has to be put on director.  For this one Ribhu Dasgupta is one who did sheer waste of talent in narranting the whole drama.

Nothing comes wondrous in terms of music too; while there are some lyrics which might amaze you with the deep meaning but definitely music is a great setback for TE3N.

Final Verdict: Watch it only for powerful act by Big B. TE3N is thrilling and gripping but only in bits and parts. But with no other major release scheduled this week this can be your one time watch option.