iPhone 6 explodes in pocket, victim tags Tim Cook in picture

Sydney, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 02 August 2016, 05:12 PM
iPhone 6 explodes in back pocket of Sydney cyclist
iPhone 6 explodes in back pocket of Sydney cyclist

Apple iPhone 6 exploded in a man's back pocket. He has been identified as Gareth Clear, a management consultant from Sydney, Australia.

Gareth suffered minor injuries in the incident. According to a report in newspaper, Clear’s phone in back pocket caught fire after he met with a bike accident, landing on his iPhone 6.

"Seconds later he noticed smoke and a searing heat, before hearing an explosion as the phone he'd had for just six months ignited, melting through his shorts and two layers of skin on his upper right thigh," says the news report.

The man then shared a picture of him in the social media and tagged Apple CEO Tim Cook in it saying he would now require a skin graft surgery.

According to the report, Apple has assured serious investigations into the matter.

In June 2015 too, a person called Kishan Yadav had claimed that his iPhone 6 exploded during a hands-free phone call. He is said to have survived unscathed after he threw his device out of his car's window.