Bigg Boss Season 10, Day 53: Contestants participate in press conference, argument erupts amidst Lopamudra Raut and VJ Bani

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 09 December 2016, 01:07 AM
Bigg Boss Season 10, Day 53: VJ Bani loses cool over Lopamudra Raut (Image Source: Twitter)
Bigg Boss Season 10, Day 53: VJ Bani loses cool over Lopamudra Raut (Image Source: Twitter)

Bigg Boss Season 10 has been full of twists and turns and Day 53 was no different. Full on drama ensured in the house amidst arguments , allegations of distrust and emotional breakdowns.

Let us have a look at some of the excerpts from the day:

# Housemates woke up to the song 'Public hai ye sab janti hai'!

# An argument erupted between Om Swami and Rohan Mehra. Rohan was supported by Lopamudra whereas Priyanka Jagga supported Om Swami.

# Bigg Boss asked captain Gaurav Chopra to choose two contestants to be put in jail. Gaurav chose Lopamudra Raut and Om Swami.

# Lopamudra however refused to step into the jail and accuses Gaurav of being insecure about her strategy.

# Om Swami addressed Gaurav Chopra as traitor and created a ruckus in the jail.

# Press conference was announced by Bigg Boss where the nominated contestants and captain Gaurav Chopra participated.

# Gaurav Chopra said that there were some differences between him and VJ Bani but their friendship was intact.

# Although VJ Bani tried to answer the media's questions, she was continously interrputed by Lopamudra. As a result, an argument ensured between the duo.

# Monalisa Antara and Manveer Gurjar discussed closeness between VJ Bani and Jason Shah.

# VJ Bani walked out of the press conference due to Lopamudra. Further, she broke down and yelled at Lopamudra for her behaviour.

# VJ Bani had a discussion with Gaurav Chopra regarding their friendship and was disappointed as she felt he would never understand her point of view.

# VJ Bani felt everything was unfair in the house and told Bigg Boss that she doesn't want to be a part of the game.