Why do we celebrate Diwali? Know here

21 October 2014, 10:02 PM

Deepavali also known as Diwali means an array of lights and signifies the return of one king (Lord Rama) from darkness to light. With Lord Rama’s return all of Ayodhya transformed into a city of joy which came out of darkness.

But, what is this darkness? Sorrow, peacelessness , loss , disappointment , misery, lack of enthusiasm are all different forms of darkness which have hunted mankind since ages.

In order to get rid of the darkness of sorrow and losses and failures, you have to light the lamp of happiness, health and prosperity. And this is why we celebrate Diwali!

As said by Swami Dipankar Ji, “Today, there is an utter need to suppress one’s ego to attain the Higher Self. Human mind has become ignorant today and has lost the power of discrimination between the permanent and the evanescent. To dispel the darkness of ego, divine knowledge is must for all. And, this is what Lord Rama taught us. However, we have forgotten his principles and today engulf in character maligning leaving no scope for our soul to remain free from evils.”

“There is no point of celebrating Diwali if we don’t offer help to others. Today our morals have touched a new low. We simply try to exist rather than living a satisfying and gratifying life. It is time we inculcate the principles of Lord Rama in our lives and become a good human.”

He adds, “Just like a lamp, man needs a container, oil, wick and a matchbox. If heart is the container, mind is the wick, love is the oil and vairagya (sacrifice) is the matchbox. With all these fulfilments you can attain the divine flame of the Spirit and shine effulgently dispelling the darkness of ignorance.”