'Soil and Soul' teaches to use bio-enzymes derived from vegetable skin

Bengaluru, PTI | Updated : 14 June 2015, 03:02 PM

You can now use bio-enzymes derived from the skin of vegetables and fruits to keep things clean at home, purify water and simultaneously help protecting environment.

Bengaluru-based organization ‘Soil and Soul’ has been teaching and encouraging people to prepare bio-enzymes at their homes.

Preeti Rao from ‘Soil and Soul’ told PTI that she started composting kitchen waste, growing veggies and then discovered citrus peels can’t be composted, so figured out a way of creating bio-enzymes from them.

“We talk about cleaning floor, purifying water and eliminating germs but killing all kinds of microbes is not a good idea. We break the food cycle if we kill all microbes,” she said.

“I use bio-enzymes to clean chimneys, the kitchen slab, the toilets they don’t kill germs, they eat them up and also protect the food cycle. These are basic we learnt in school,” she said.

She said one litre of water mixed with 300 grams of unused vegetables and 100 grams jaggery could give housekeepers their first bio-enzyme in 90 days. And the second time, it could be prepared within one month by using the existing enzymes.

She said their organization now prepares everything from tooth powder and insect repellent to skin rejuvenators and house cleaning agents using bio-enzymes.