Alia Bhatt credits her popularity to online trolling

06 October 2015, 11:15 AM

Alia Bhatt credits her popularity to the trending jokes on her.  Jokes on Alia had first started when she was goofed up at the rapid fire round of 'Koffee With Karan'.

Since then a lot of Alia Bhatt goof ups and memes have been trending on social networking sites. Mocking her general knowledge and common sense became so common for Alia that now she has found a way to deal with it.

“They’re still making jokes about me. There has been no change there. But let them happen, because I credit a lot of my popularity to these jokes. I am famous in Singapore because of these jokes,” she laughs.  “I don’t want people to change their outlook towards my films. They can think I am stupid, but just come and watch my films. That’s all," said Alia. 

Though she is not the only one who has been a victim of online trolling but other celebrities like Tiger Shroff, even Aamir Khan have been trolled over social media for different acts or statements.